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[Equihunter] Our latest project is about to roll off of the production line next week destined for a well known riding school based in Essex.

Equihunter Arena 3.5t Horsebox in cream with green and gold trim

The Equihunter Arena 3.5t Horsebox in cream with green and gold trim

This build is finished to our customer specific instructions and is completed in a beautiful rich cream paint made by BMW called “Pepper White”, with green and gold trim that matches the corporate logo of the riding school.

This Arena is built upon a 2011 Fiat Ducato chassis with only 38,000 miles on the clock.

We’ve also added special features like internal LED lighting with blue night running lights as we have on our 7.5 tonne Equihunter Endurance lorry.


As fitted to the Equihunter Endurance

This ensures that the horses benefit from having a lit journey during the hours of darkness, but can also see out through the windows at assign traffic, and thus are less likely to be spooked but the sudden appearance of other vehicles headlights.

Other features include LED down lighters mounted above the rear door plus another set of LED down lights mounted high up on the drivers side of the vehicle to light the tie up area for those late evenings preparing to return home after dusk has fallen.


Here’s a gallery of images to show this Arena off….


….. the only things still to be completed are some finishing touches in the cab, the passenger seats are just about be to be delivered after being re-covered in cream vinyl and the bulkhead wall liner needs finishing. Apart from that, we’re ready to ‘rock and roll’


Equihunter Horseboxes
18th April, 2014


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