Strictly speaking this is not a post about equestrian matters, but with our company logo firmly linked with the Cross of St George, how could we resist a few words to mark this national day for England.

Firstly may we wish all our friends, family and customers a very happy and peaceful St George’s Day.


Join the campaign to make St Georges day a holiday. Image: Courtesy of

Today we wake up to find that even Google has marked the day with one of it’s Doodles.

In the press there’s more. In the Guardian David Cameron was quoted as saying that he’s “proud to be English & British” as he hails growing popularity of our patron saint’s day.

His comments came as research suggested that nearly three-quarters of English people want 23 April to be made a public holiday.

The Mirror humorously suggests that St George’s Day is time to summon up the blood and cry “God for curry, England and St George.

So with all these comments, is it not time to make this day a public holiday to celebrate our rich heritage.

AOL money has reported that insurance company ‘One Call’ has given 450 staff members the day off leaving only a skeleton crew at their desks to cover emergency response. Well done to them I say.



AOL continues ….  However, there is always the possibility that it could become a national Bank Holiday. The notion first gained currency in 2011, when the government raised the possibility of moving the May Day Bank Holiday to 23 April. It has made it clear that the UK will not be getting any additional Bank Holidays, but has declared it is open to reconsidering the pattern.

There has certainly been a rise in St George’s celebrations in recent years. For years there has been a growing number of people who ask why we celebrate St Patrick’s Day but not St George’s Day. A number of councils have responded by launching their own events.

So, for example, Boris Johnson has launched entertainments in Trafalgar Square, Bath & North East Somerset Council have arranged a dragon slaying in Bath city centre, and Dudley Council have arranged a tea dance and a Great Dudley Bake Off.


Down at the Felbridge Show Ground, we will be making lots of tea and polishing the paintwork on our 7.5 tonne Equihunter Endurance for England and St George instead.

Come and join us sometime and have a look around inside …….

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