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[This is Kent] An animal charity facing closure may be forced to put down 25 horses if urgent funds are not raised. Canterbury Horse Rescue Centre has been plunged into financial crisis after the recession caused donations to dwindle.

UNDER THREAT: Horses may have to be put down if the centre closes.

UNDER THREAT: Horses may have to be put down if the centre closes. Picture: Canterbury Horse Rescue Centre

Trustees have launched a desperate appeal for funds, in the hope of saving the last remaining equestrian charity in Kent – and the lives of the horses that live there.

Yard manager Stella King, 50, said: “We are currently caring for 25 animals who cannot be re-homed due to medical and behavioural issues.

“This will result in them having to be euthanased if we are forced into closure – which will happen in two weeks if we don’t raise enough money.

“There would be nowhere else for the animals to go. I don’t like the thought of it at all, but it’s a quality of life issue.

“The older horses with breathing difficulties or other medical problems would be put down. We would try to get other charities to take them, but everyone is suffering at the moment.”

The charity has been rescuing abandoned horses, mules, ponies and donkeys since it was founded in Sturry 10 years ago.

Stella, who lives in Staines Hill in Sturry, said it ran into difficulty after the economic climate forced supporters to stop donating.

She added: “The charity is very small. It doesn’t have loads of investors.

“The money donated goes straight into caring for the horses, their welfare and rehabilitation.”

The centre is called to the aid of horses found dumped in places such as cemeteries, cul-de-sacs and waste-grounds all over the South East.

Stella said: “If the charity shuts down, there will be no-one to respond to these emergencies, and ponies will end up dead in fields.

“We’ve been inundated with calls, but we’ve already had to start turning people down.”…..

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This is Kent
6th Feb, 2013