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Can be viewed at the Felbridge Show Centre

(full address here)

The Equihunter Aurora 3.5 Tonne Horsebox

The Equihunter Aurora 3.5 Tonne Horsebox

The Fabulous Equihunter AURORA 3.5 Tonne demonstrator horsebox is for sale and is now priced at £25,000 £26,500 inclusive of a chassis and vat

Contact us on 01342 545030 or 07904 818389

email us at sales@equihunter.com for more information

Horsebox Roof mounted Solar Panel

This model is also fitted with a roof-mounted Solar Panel

The solar panel constantly trickle charges the battery. “Always On Power” to start the Aurora, even in the middle of winter after weeks of neglect

The Aurora was developed with just one aim, to offer a greater payload for a 3.5-tonne horsebox while maintaining our renown style and design

The payload offered is 1240kgs for this 3.5-tonne model 

Unlike the Arena or Encore models, this horsebox is entirely dedicated to the horses, there is no living area built into the vehicle.

  • Horse Area Dimensions (Metric)      – H: 2.42 x W: 2.11 x L: 2.98 
  • Horse Area Dimensions (Imperial)  – H: 7′ 11″ x W: 6′ 11″ x L: 9′ 9″ 

What this also provides is an extraordinary amount of storage in the huge rear wall storage locker which is nearly 7 feet wide, 4 feet tall and 2 feet deep internally.

Locker Size (Metric):  2.11W x 1.22 H x 0.61 D

There is also a staggering amount of extra storage in the luton area as well

See the full standard specification below along with a gallery of images and also internal panoramic pictures.

Equihunter Aurora 3.5t Horsebox

Our Equihunter Aurora 3.5t Horsebox Demonstrator


Have a look at the gallery below. We also have some internal panoramic images further down this page… 


  • Renault Master Chassis 
  • 2010 Registration 
  • 6 Speed Gearbox
  • 65k miles
  • Comes with a Brand New MOT
  • 12 months coach build warranty
  • Euro 5 Compliant
  • 100 HP Engine
  • 1240Kg payload
  • Can be driven on a regular car license (3.5t model)
  • Finished in BMW Mini Pepper White 
  • Stalled for 2
  • Rear facing travel
  • Large luton area storage 
  • Horizontally split ramp and top door 
  • Gas ram assist to the ramp and top ramp door
  • Seating for 3 in the cab
  • Full steel bulkhead behind cab seats.
  • Stunning unique design
  • Two large bonded opening frameless windows, with privacy tinting
  • Two Tie rings to each stall end wall
  • Huge rear wall locker with locking gas ram assist vertically lifting door
  • Twin saddle racks plus two bridle hooks in rear wall locker
  • Extra strength ramp for heavier horses (supports horses of 650kg+)

Other Standard Options Included in this build

  • Re-covered cab seating in cream vinyl plus black piping
  • Logo to headrests
  • Twin CCTV Camera system (horse area & reversing)
  • Cameras fitted with Infra Red Night Vision
  • Dash mounted 7-inch colour screen
  • Window protection bars
  • LED Horse Area lighting with cab mounted switch
  • Automatic night calming lights in blue (auto activated with vehicle lights)
  • Automatic Luton dome mounted ultra bright forward facing LED lights
  • Insulated twin skinned roof
  • Oversized warning rear wall graphics “HORSES”
  • Re-covered cab seats in cream vinyl with our logo to headrest (other colours are available)
  • Locks to both the ramp and upper ramp doors

Extra Options Also fitted

  • Roof Mounted Solar Charging


Internal Panoramic Images of the Equihunter Aurora Cab Area

Click on the image to have a look inside the Cab Area

Internal Images of the Equihunter Aurora Horse Area

Click on this image to see the inside of the Horse Area

NOW PRICED at £26,500 £25,000

Contact us on 01342 545030 or 07904 818389 for more information.

…. or  send us an email to sales@equihunter.com 

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