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[Equihunter] When designing the EQUIHUNTER ENDURANCE it was important for us to maintain a look of a continuous working area in the kitchen area. Not only was this to maximise the amount of flat surface to work on during food and drinks preparation, but also we wanted to enhance the clean cut lines of the entire interior of this exclusive Horsebox.

Forget Diesel powered cooking, with fuel prices as high as ever it’s only going to get more and more expensive. On the other hand, LPG is half the price and has far lower harmful Co2 emissions.

The Dometic Ceramic LPG Gas Hob in black

The Dometic Ceramic LPG Gas Hob in black

So rather than choose from the myriad of aluminium hobs available in the leisure vehicle marketplace, we decided to opt for a more expensive solution but one that was just the ticket in terms of design.

So we chose from the Dometic range, a cooktop that was powered by LPG but fired up via a 12 volt electrical system. This unit originally designed for the marine industry fitted our requirements perfectly.

Dometic CC 11: high-tech for the mobile kitchen

It couldn’t be more efficient: the new Dometic CC 11 ceramic cooktop operates on a special principle that makes cooking more fun and reduces the gas consumption at the same time. Each hotplate of the black or white ceramic cooktop has a simmering plate behind it which is heated by the flue gas from the burner in front.

This allows cooking in two pans with only one burner turned on.
The bottom-line is a total of four easy-to-use cooking areas consuming only 210 grams of gas per operating hour at a generous heat output of 1.6 or 1.3 kilowatts.

The highly efficient burners on the Dometic CC 11 are ignited via the 12-volt vehicle electrics. It takes them just 7.5 minutes to boil a litre of water.

Installation is facilitated by the fact that there’s no chimney required

Installation is facilitated by the fact that there’s no chimney required

Mobile technology specialist Dometic has developed the CC 11 gas operated ceramic cooktop as a convenient upgrade version to replace the company’s best-selling gas hob, Dometic PI 8023.

The Dometic CC 11 has the same built-in dimensions and can be retrofitted with minimal effort. Its frameless, bevelled glass surface fits perfectly flush with the surrounding worktop and is very easy to clean. Installation is facilitated by the fact that there’s no chimney required.

The Corian® worktop provides the perfect base and blends with the ceramic cooktop, it’s solid and has a really beautiful finish.

Last but not least, a reliable hot surface indicator makes for safe operation.

Contact Dometic-Waeco for more information about the Dometic CC 11 ceramic cooktop:

Phone: +49 25 72 / 8879 – 195
Fax: +49 25 72 / 879 – 390
E-mail: ev@dometic-waeco.de

6th June, 2013