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[Equihunter] The phenomenon known as CASHJumping™ is sweeping the country after it’s successful launch within the last few weeks. 

Designed for all show jumpers whatever their level and will provide fair competition for all with reasonable entry fees, decent prize money and good facilities


Join in the fun – Register at Cashjumping™

President of the newly formed organisation Bryan Shear happily noted in a Facebook post earlier today …..

President – Bryan Shear

“CASHJUMPING IS NOW LIVE – following the highly successful launch shows at Norton Heath and Blue Sky – comments such as “showjumping as it used to be”, “absolutely fab”, “you’ve bought showjumping back alive” – have come back to us, which is all fantastic news, and you can view them on our cashjumping facebook page.”

“Cashjumping now has over 3300 Rider and Horse or Pony Registrations, and 30 Show Centres are now registered with more coming in all the time.”

What is CashJumping

CashJumping is the brainchild of Bryan Shear and is designed to allow show jumpers of all levels to compete for decent prize money in venues with good facilities and at a reasonable cost.

Within the first week and and with no marketing campaign supporting it CashJumping saw over 600 competitors register and this is continuing to grow at the rate of 50 new registrations a day.

Bryan Shear founder of this new show jumping competition confessed to be overwhelmed with the response: “In the first hour of our website going live the number of people trying to access the system and sign up caused the servers to overload we completely underestimated the demand” 

Having resolved those initial teething problems membership was firmly on the rise.

Cashjumping: How it works

The basic concept is simple explains Bryan, “entry fee is £10 a class for our stage one classes which go from 60cm to 1.40m and anyone who has not won more than £500 at Cashjumping at the relevant height can enter. 50% of all of the entry fees go into the prize fund.

Once a rider has won £500 they move up to the stage 2 classes were winnings limit is £1500 and thereafter to Stage 3 where there is no limit” Stage 2 classes the entry fee is £15 and stage 3 £20 resulting in even more prize money for the competitors.”

Show Centres

From the first few show centres who had already signed up, including the prestigious Netley Hall Equestrian Centre, runner up in this year’s British show jumping show centre of the year awards, the list has since grown with amazing speed and now stands at over 30 show centres, with yet more to follow.

For the show centre’s approved to run these classes there are benefits too. No affiliation fees, no class fees and a series that appeals to riders of all levels, with a prestigious final at the end of the season to look forward to.

The Cashjumping website www.cashjumping.co.uk can be used to market the shows and the centre’s are able to view the registered riders by area and see the level of demand for the shows and communicate direct with their local competitors to make sure the schedule reflects what the local riders want to see.

How was this all possible – Bryan explains….

“When British Show jumping changed its rules to allow its members to compete in other non BS events and not have any limit on the amount of prize money the opportunity to provide all riders with a good quality local show combined with a national final was too good to miss.”

“The fact is that everybody is having to look to reduce costs where they can and if local centre’s can put on quality shows with good facilities using accredited course builders and judges at a reasonable cost with a decent return the savings for the competitors in diesel, entry fees and membership costs can be huge”.

So is this a direct competitor to the established show jumping scene? Bryan says not…

“We see this as something that will bridge the gap between the British Show jumpers and the unaffiliated riders”.

“Yes of course it is expensive even for the professional yards to register and compete all of their horses at BS shows, and there may be some people who decide not to register all of their youngsters straight in at BS level, but any loss of income should be more than compensated for by an increase in the number of unaffiliated riders who go Cashjumping compete against their BS counterparts and realize that BS is not some sort of holy grail reserved for the rich or professional rider”.

Some useful links below…..

CashJumping Group on Facebook (lots of interactive information daily)

Cashjumping Prize Grid 

Competitors Zone

* National League Tables

Show Centres Information

Cashjumping™ Head Office
Netley Hall Equestrian Centre
Netley Hall Estate,

For further information email: info@cashjumping.co.uk


6th Jan, 2014